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Jul 7

Definitions Dictionary Medical Terminology

Posted on Thursday, July 7, 2011 in Books

Is there any online dictionaries at once that could give the definitions of medical terminology?

You mean something like or

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Jun 1

Spanish English Dictionary Medical Terminology

Posted on Wednesday, June 1, 2011 in Books

International Legal Terminology WMV V9

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May 15

Medical Dictionary Voice

Posted on Sunday, May 15, 2011 in Books

medical dictionary voice

DAR play Curse Ov Dialect and Firewitch

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May 6

Animal Dictionary Glossary Used

Posted on Friday, May 6, 2011 in Books

Holotes, natural and artificial

Holotes, Holotis or Olot, a sum of several titles = "Parts one Holotes" parts> material and / or energy and / or mind (mental) development of a new life (Entity), unlike its parts (components), and operating as such.

The sums are considered similar parts as part of each (quantity / amount, the total group) in this issue

The term is holotes for the first time in theology Orpheus, but it was widely used by Aristotle in his Metaphysics .

Descriptions, examples

Chief among animals is a typical holotes and hypo-holotes holotes full of "body"

The brain (human) is a holotes of matter energy and spirit (mind), always trying to explain the phenomena as a result (the same), ie in terms of its existence, self and satisfaction (consumption)

* While both the head and brain are actually shaped pieces holotes "body of an animal," are called "holoteses" (Examples understandable).

Any form of existence, life and non-living, animate or inanimate, living or dead, an animal or a stone, is a holotes, part (hypo-holotes) a holotes more. Example: 1. a stone, 2. one country, 3. a 4-star. a galaxy are holoteses, while at the same time, holotes 1 is the hypo-holotes (part) of more holotes 2 and so on.

Something with a beginning, middle and end, in the matter, and / or energy and / or mind (plan, project schedule, work, business, construction [3, study, research and lyrics movie game / series, poem, novel / entertainment, game, song or travel route, rental, conferences, workshops, classes, life, cooperation) Every day is filled with small or large (short / small, long / large) holoteses of such material and / or energy and / or mind that men and / or not made, and must be touched and experienced.

A holotes include:

1. cause, reason, justification, reason, purpose, goal, goal, objective (cause aition Greek, Latin);

2. medium, medium, instrument, assistant catalyst;

3. result of the response, response, reaction, therefore, the effect, conclusion, solution, product, children, fruit, performance, performance, (Eventus Aitiaton Greek, Latin fructus)

AB Interdependence

Holotes, due to the existence of a future (hereinafter succeed) holotes A -> B (parent, for example - for children>)

Holotes, due to the existence of a previous holotes B -> A (the Child example -> parent)

Etymology-transliteration, pronunciation, grammar "

Etymology: From Greek Ὁλότης, Holon (Greek: together ὅλον)

Transcript: The Greek word mark is ὅλον aspiration (Δασεία, / Ða'si: a /) on the first syllable is pronounced "or" is represented as "h" in the Latin script (English, etc) so the derivative of 'holotes.

Correct transcription of the Greek letter "η" (ήτα, pron / 'i:. Tə /) (ATES) is "th" in Latin, Roman, so the transliteration of "ὁλότης" is "holotes" in terms of grammar. However, as a mark of aspiration is not pronounced in modern Greek and the following vowel "or" not affected may be transcribed word phonics only "Olot" in terms of pronunciation.


Holotes, / Hə'ləʊtɪs /, / Hə'loʊtɪs /, / hə'lɒtɪs / or həʊ / ... / Olot (pron Greek. [O'lotis]), pron English. / Ə'ləʊtɪs /, / Ə'loʊtɪs /, / ə'lɒtɪs / o / əʊ … / Holon / 'həʊlən /, /' hoʊlən / O / 'hɒlən / Holotism, /' hɒlətɪzm / o / 'həʊlətɪzm / Holotics, / hə'ləʊtɪcs /, / Hə'loʊtɪcs / or Həʊ / … /

Holotist, / hə'ləʊtɪst /, / hə'loʊtɪst / O / həʊ … /

Holot-zar-ISE, / 'Hɒlətaiz / o /' həʊlətaiz / holotes hiccups / haɪpəhə'ləʊtɪs /

Grammar: Holotes is a name (in Greek) (holotes accounting, ie, one can say one, two, etc. and Holon holoteses is a pronoun (adjective) rarely Once used as a noun (ie, many, no one can say a holon, two holons, etc.). In modern Greek the word "ὁλοτης" is "ὁλότητα", taken from the accusative of "ὁλότης" that is "oλότητα" and makes it "the first decline (decline), although originally the word" ὁλότης "belongs to the third declension, in the literary and ancient Greek (in the singular. ὁλότης Name, General ὁλότητος, Dat .. ὁλότητι, Ὁλότητα Acc, Voc. ὁλότης. Plural: Nom. ὁλότητες, ὁλοτήτων general, Dat. ὁλότησι, ὁλότητας Acc, Voc. ὁλότητες) Holotes plural English: Holoteses, / hə'ləʊtɪsiz /

See also

Greek diacritics



Hegel Dictionary



Equivalent "Ὁλότης (Holotes) in European languages

English: integrity, together, together, an entity, integrity, unity, totality, the sum of the aggregate

French: together, Total, body

Germany: ganze, Zusammensetzung

Italiano: integrity, completezza, interezza, Somma, Universality

Latin totum

Holotes mortgage: a holotes holotes a (more) (sub-holotes)


The theology of Orpheus

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Цельность (Holotes) – Cel'nost (holotes) "

Что такое Цельность (Holotes)?

Научная сеть> Поиск> Цельность (holotes) "

А Лосев. История античной эстетики. Принцип меры и гармонии … "

ПРОКЛ ДИАДОХ – сетевой проект Центра Антиковедения

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May 3

Good Conditi

Posted on Tuesday, May 3, 2011 in Books

Good Conditi
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Apr 23

Medical Dictionary Definitions Medicinenet

Posted on Saturday, April 23, 2011 in Books

Is Stress Consuming Your Life?

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Apr 13

Medical Medicine Dictionary Drugs Health Information

Posted on Wednesday, April 13, 2011 in Books

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Apr 7

Medical Dictionary Merriam

Posted on Thursday, April 7, 2011 in Books

medical dictionary merriam
McDonald's wants to redefine the McJob as McDonald's seeks to strengthen its workforce, is also trying to improve their image as headliner Low salaries for the redefinition of the term "McJob."
Merriam Webster Medical Desk Dictionary Free Download

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Mar 20

Medical Dictionary Definitions Webmd

Posted on Sunday, March 20, 2011 in Books


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Mar 18

Medical Medicine Dictionary Drugs Prescription Drugs

Posted on Friday, March 18, 2011 in Books

Medicine FAQ

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