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Jul 27

French Spanish Dictionary

Posted on Wednesday, July 27, 2011 in Books

french spanish dictionary

How to translate the English phrase in Spanish?

Why learn Spanish in all languages?

Why not Italian French or Russian as the language seems to be more convenient to have these days living in the United States.

With a growing population in Latin America, be able to speak a language that has become so widely used would be a valuable asset. Schools are able to become bilingual and Spanish is underlined.

There are even parts of the country at the head springs in Miami, where people are probably more for whom Spanish is their native language that people who are native speakers of English.

Even outside of the United States, Spanish is a language spoken in the world, the classification is apparently the controversy that I have found many statistics. Most Latin American countries, Central America and South America speak Spanish with a growing number of people in the United States.

It is almost an entire hemisphere full of a language. And then there is Spain, while Spanish may be a little different from the Spanish Latin American, Spanish, still is.
There is a growing number of reasons why people should learn Spanish. Not only the number of people to talk, but more selfish, more and more valuable to speak a second language professionally. The problem is that people in the U.S. tend to be more than a little arrogant in thinking that English is the most important language and there is no need to say more.

Being bilingual gives the opportunity to live and work outside the country would not be available otherwise. There is a choice. And given the large number of counties where Spanish is spoken gives you many options.

Here are some phrases in Spanish English translation that can help later

If a verb that gave me a lot of problems when I started learning Spanish grammar that was the word "Taste". Many of the courses Spanish classes and Spanish who took to learn Spanish just confused me even more on the use of "like.

"" Gustar "means" for "or" find enjoyable. "But in many cases, the Spanish speakers to use the same way we use the word "love."

For example, Spanish is not literally mean
"I like dogs."

In Spanish we would say:
"I like the dog."
This literally means "the dog is pleasant to me."
In reality, this means "I like dogs."
It may seem strange to their ears in English at the hearing. However, you will receive
used. Treat. I love the house.
I like House.

I'm not like the car.
I do not like the car.

Like the table.
Like the table.

He likes the screen / monitor.
He likes the screen.

We love the bridge.
We like The Bridge.

They like to lie.
Lying like.

If you mean "I like dogs", some changes
to take place. Can you guess what these changes?

Of course, the dog ("perro") must now become plural ("Dogs").
But the article ("el") must become also plural ("the").
And the verb must change the third person singular ("Like") to
third person plural ("like").


I like dogs.
I like dogs.

That as the lakes
I love the Lakes.

She loves water
Likes streams.

We like the rivers.
We like Los Rios.

They like the waterfalls.
Niagara enjoy.

What follows is how to increase clarity or emphasis, or mention the name of the person
or persons that the object is pleasant.

Carlos likes to swim.
Carlos likes to swim.

I like the beach.
I love the beach.

You like the Sea Shore
Like the beach.

Children love the woods.
In the boys like El Bosque.

They love the pool.
THEY like a pool.

There are some verbs in Spanish after the same construction as the verb "like".
Here are a few.

Import (to be important)
Interest (to be interesting)
Missing (absent)
Disturb (annoy or disturb – Note that this word means "abuse")
Love (Love)

I was also confused about when to use "like". Despite what the textbooks say,
can use "like" to indicate that you love someone, as in "being physically attractive to someone."
For example,

You likes me.

I like Carmen.
I love Carmen.

But if you say you love someone, as in "I get along with (name)"
there is another way of saying it.

I like Carmen.
I like Carmen or get along with Carmen. Literally meaning "Carmen falls well within me."

I do not like Mary.
I'm not like María or I do not get along but not with Mary.

So I do not like you, O you I like you.
I do not get along with you.

Do a little exercise "taste." Translate the following sentences adding emphasis on the person that the object is pleasant. The answers below.
1. I love cats.

2. Like marriage. (Add emphasis to "you" form with the traditional "you.")

3. Joseph loves the building.

4. We love the shirt.

5. Each of you as insects. (Add emphasis to "you all")
1. I like Los Gatos. 2. You like The Wedding. 3. A building like The José. 4. A We like our shirts. 5. To you like bugs of. href = ""> About the Author

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Jul 27

Dictionary Project

Posted on Wednesday, July 27, 2011 in Books

dictionary project
Language and Literature of the project on a personal dictionary?

I do not know what to do. What should be next Friday! And we can make a socket, a poster, but I want mine to be unique and may be different. any ideas?

you should make a personal dictionary site What then enter in the classroom and to take through your site instead of a PowerPoint presentation.

The Dictionary Project – A Good Neighbor Program

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Jul 26

Free Online Dictionary And Thesaurus Dictionary Search

Posted on Tuesday, July 26, 2011 in Books

A review of Brainbashing

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the business section. There are even sub-categories within the main
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When a question on the site, other members will read your
issue and will respond if they have the knowledge or
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I love you solution. However, limited to the screen
questions. You can even answer questions from others.

Often there are interesting things published on the site from time in
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Trans-Canada Highway is the world's longest road
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Brainbashing also gives awards to those who register in
monthly newsletter, with no input required, just read the newsletter and see
If you are a winner Award of the month.

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Jul 25

Dictionary Define Reference Glossary

Posted on Monday, July 25, 2011 in Books

dictionary define reference glossary

Book Trailer: “Mommy, what is Type-1 Diabetes?” written & illustrated by a child and her mom

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Jul 24

Free Dictionary Urdu To English

Posted on Sunday, July 24, 2011 in Books

Where I can download free urdu to English?

I know Urdu but I need a dictionary. Can someone show me the link to open in Urdu English dictionay?

Try these: Although these are online, available here:

Free and Powerful English to Urdu Dictionary and Urdu to English Dictionary Software with Images and Voice Download Now

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Jul 20

Dictionary Vocabulary

Posted on Wednesday, July 20, 2011 in Books

dictionary vocabulary
Is it plagiarism if you use the online dictionary for the definition of a vocabulary word?

Ohhhh well. Thank you. This is for my homework World AP summer ^ _ ^

There is no plagiarism when you copy of the publication of another person without giving credit to the author. plagiarizing a paper that was copied by another person and presented as his own work

CLOTHES (vocabulary)

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Jul 19

Dictionary Antonyms Synonyms Definitions

Posted on Tuesday, July 19, 2011 in Books

What are good places to find definitions, synonyms, antonyms and other words.?

I have a project that asks me to find definitions, synonyms, antonyms, and other forms of words. I already use This helps a little. I need more than one of everything. All other sites however. I really need to find antonyms !!!!!!!! HELP!

Go to the website below. Contains more than antonyms elsewhere. It gives definition and synonyms as well.

Dictionary & Thesaurus for iPhone review

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Jul 18

English Dictionary Picture

Posted on Monday, July 18, 2011 in Books

english dictionary picture
"Avatar: The Last Airbender" FANS?

Anime: In Japan, the term does not specify an animation nation of origin or style; but rather serves as a generic term for all forms of animation from around the world. In English, the dictionary defines the sources anime as "a style Japanese animated film "or" a style of animation developed in Japan. " The Avatar is American done. Please do not give me the BS anime. Children go home fat nerd, putting a bad taste in your mouth and tarnished This demonstrates the good name. What is your perspective and prediction of M. Night Shyamalan's "The Last Airbender", a film that is being done? Do you think the deal is off? Do you think that history will be the same? Poor prognosis? Good predictions? If you have not seen the trailer yet for those of here you who have not seen the last of the melting .. here

Avatar is in fact an American cartoon, not anime. Well, is animated in Korea. For live-action adaptation, I was very disappointed with the choice, but I think that acting-wise, to be able to remove it. They look a bit like the characters she portrays, if the argument is only superficial. For the story, which could move things and cut some things, because after all, press the nearly 30 hours of the story in six, maybe eight hours. I try to stay neutral on this until we all come release date (at this point is still 338 days away). I'll be completely devastated if Uncle Iroh does not have an accent in East Asia.

“Body parts” English-Thai Picture Dictionary Animated version

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Jul 18

Picture Dictionary In French

Posted on Monday, July 18, 2011 in Books

picture dictionary in french
French Resources for children?

I am looking for a good online dictionary French in particular, with illustrations and photographs things. Please send links if you can. I'd be interested in other interactive Web sites with tips on them. No matter if your French is a good way to learn anyway. Thanks in advance. This site provides links of interest, but can not be very friedly children

Quebec French Your Words

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Jul 17

Dictionary Reference Translate

Posted on Sunday, July 17, 2011 in Books

dictionary reference translate
What is the definition of Chezmoi?

It is a French word and I have to be defined and translated into English if necessary I can not find anywhere in the dictionary or a reference book, or anything else on the line … Please help! Thanks to having a great day …..

In fact, not one, but two words: "A" + "I". This means that "my house" or "I" = In the place where the house so that " I "may be other options such as:. Chez Toi = place in Suzanne Suzanne = less place McDonald McDonalds, etc.

Traditional Yup’ik Story – Long Nails (recommended for children)

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